Hey there!

Let me start by saying that I am licensed and certified for your safety and protection. Now that we got that out there, let's talk about why you are really here.


I help women feel pampered and confident through the magic of color. I want you to love the hair you wear.

I would love to make all your lived in hair dreams come true. I can help you navigate the world of trends and home hair care routines so you can have the hair that looks and feels amazing all the time.

I believe beautiful hair starts on the inside.

I promise to always seek higher knowledge so I can better serve you. My passion is helping others and that includes you, my love.


I know you are not only looking for amazing hair, but an experience that is fun and makes you feel heard. I really want to take the time to understand your vision and how I can help get you there, in the best way possible. Within our first meeting we will come up with a plan that fits you. Each formula and appointment is customized to fit your needs.

When I'm not in the salon, I like to spend my time cuddling with my kitty, with loved ones, or a good Netflix binge. I stay active through workouts with @katiecakesbakeshop, yoga, and nature walks. Although sometimes, the struggle is real, my friends! I use tools like inspirational podcasts and journaling, to help keep me focused and moving forward. I'm very musically inclined and grew up in the choir, I enjoy most genres and it doesn't take much to get me moving or singing along. So if you don't mind some humming or occasional singing, I'm your girl!


Like many of you my weakness is chocolate, but on the other hand, I also love me a fresh fruit & veg smoothie. Trying out new plant based recipes on the regular, helps me to actually enjoy healthy eating. I know, shocker!

Nerding out on hair 

has always come second nature to me and I am extremely grateful. My passion for learning new things has helped me to better arm you with the knowledge to have the most amazing hair, even when I'm not there. 


I want you to feel completely confident and relaxed during every visit with me, so come on in



210 North Main Street 

Wheaton, IL

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